Flexible Partial Dentures

For patients who have missing teeth, partial dentures have long been a popular restoration option.  A removable approach to replacing lost teeth, partial dentures have typically been made with metal clasps attached to a gum-colored base.  However, metal clasps aren’t always an ideal option for certain patients, prompting the creation of metal-free, flexible partial dentures.

  • Natural appearance. Flexible partial dentures are always made with made with color, shape, and fit in mind, working to achieve a remarkably natural-looking result.  In addition, the lack of metal clasps allows the restoration to blend seamlessly with a patient’s natural teeth and gums.
  • Comfortable. As one of today’s most comfortable restoration solutions, flexible partials are custom-fabricated to fit each patient’s unique anatomy.  They’re also lightweight, helping patient become accustomed to their dentures often very quickly.
  • Completely Metal-Free. Flexible partial dentures represent a metal-free alternative to traditional partial dentures.  This is important for those with a metal allergy, or those who simply feel that metal isn’t the healthiest option.
  • Minimal preparation. Compared to other dental restoration options, flexible partial dentures require minimal preparation.  They reduce the need for invasive drilling procedures, and reduce the time you’ll spend in the dentist’s chair.
  • Durable. Flexible partial dentures are usually strong and durable, as they’re built to withstand stress and pressure in the mouth.  Additionally, flexible partials are typically resistant to chemical deterioration.